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A Fair Go For Renters

South Australia’s rental market is in dire need of repair, and the government has been ignoring the maintenance reports. The economic upheavals of the pandemic have only further skewed a system that already has South Australian renters among the least-protected in the country. 

The Greens recently secured an important win for renters by extending the moratorium on evictions from June to September — but this isn’t the end. 

We’re campaigning to: 

  • End no fault evictions 
  • Introduce rent capping to protect vulnerable people from unfair rent hikes 
  • Give renters security and stability through long-term tenancies
  • Establish a government-funded tenant’s union to ensure renters have access to independent advocacy 
  • Make pet-friendly properties the norm, instead of the exception 
  • Stamp out underhand rental bidding that force rents up and up